How I can help:

When we are experiencing distress we sometimes lose sight of our strengths and let the negative feelings and situations take over. I am here to remind you of your strengths, develop solutions, and provide guidance and support so you can renew, rebuild, or recover from your personal or relational challenges caused by the Internet.

I work from a Solution Focused model, which means that we will work together to identify, emphasize, and utilize your inherent strengths and resources to overcome the "Internet Effect."

To customize your counseling services, I incorporate various online activity contracts, art therapy exercises, online activity rating scales, communication skills, assessments and more. I also utilize The Gottman Method for couples counseling.

I want to remove as many barriers to counseling as possible. Therefore, my services are provided in our beautiful office, in your your home, or on our secure and convenient telehealth platform.

My clients have said that they appreciate my honesty, creativity, genuineness, and sense of humor. I want my clients to always know that my couch is a "judgment free zone." New Creations Counseling Services is the perfect place for imperfect people.

Give me a call at (305) 697-2787. I offer a free 15 minute consultation, in which I take the time to answer any brief questions you may have about therapy or your investment in yourself and your relationship.