Coaching Course

Black sExcellence…Straighten your crown
A 21-day sex addiction coaching program for Women of the African Diaspora.

Let’s Straighten Your Crown and Reign over Sex addiction

Greetings Queen,

Ever felt like your crown was a bit crooked due to the struggles of sex addiction? Have you been searching the internet trying to find help that could really understand what you are going through? It’s time for a change and we got you! This engaging, customized and supportive coaching program is for us, the Women of the African Diaspora.

You’ll discover:

  • The hidden triggers of sex addiction.
  • Insights into our historical, cultural, and societal dynamics at play.
  • Secrets to fortify your mental and emotional strength.
  • Practical tools to start to rewrite the narrative of your life
  • Your tribe because you don’t have to try to do this alone anymore.

Act now and let’s straighten that crown together. Your reign awaits…Black Excellence!


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