We can help if:

Your goal is to trust your partner again and not constantly worry about what they are doing or who they are talking to online. You want to be able see your partner’s phone or laptop and not have the urge to go through it looking for evidence of cheating. You are searching for ways to “Internet Proof” your marriage or relationship. You are looking for ways to combat Social Media, Internet or Online Pornography addiction and save your relationship. You are tired of “Catfishing” people and want to work towards being yourself when talking to others online. You want to learn or ways to prevent online affairs. I can help you and your partner with your relationship goals. I have conducted over eight years of in-depth research and couples therapy specializing in online affairs and other relationship issues caused by the Internet and Social Media.

Your individual, couples, or family counseling will be based in Solution Focused Brief Therapy and incorporate online activity contracts, art therapy exercises, online activity rating scales, communication skills, and internet addiction assessments and treatment. All counseling services can be provided in the comfort of your home or my office.

A New You

Individual Counseling to resolve:

  • Internet, Social Media, and Online Pornography Addiction
  • “Catfishing”
  • Cyberbullying
  • Digital Diet or Detox Needs
  • In-Home Concierge Services Available

A New Relationship

Couples and Family Counseling:

  • Premarital Guidance
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Rebuilding Relationships After an Online Affair
  • Online Family Disputes
  • In-Home Concierge Services Available

A New Support

Workshops and Programs:

  • Three ways an Online Activity Contract Can Help Your Relationship
  • Am I Addicted to the Internet?
  • Is My Partner Having an Affair on Social Media?
  • Your Relationship Can Survive the Internet

Give me a call at 305-697-2787. I offer a free 15 minute consultation, in which I take the time to answer any brief questions you may have about therapy or your investment in yourself and your relationship.


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