Do any of the situations below sound familiar? If yes, I can help!

  • You are preoccupied with gambling including reliving past gambling experiences, planning your next gambling session, or planning ways to get money
  • You are spending greater amounts of money in order to achieve the desired level of excitement.
  • You have made several attempts to reduce or stop gambling altogether but have not been successful
  • You become restless when trying to reduce or quit
  • You use gambling as a way to escape problems or improving your mood
  • You gamble to earn back the money you lost
  • You lie to family members, friends, therapists, or others in an attempt to cover up time spent or money lost
  • You participate in illegal activities in order to finance gambling habits
  • You have experienced relationship, job, or educational difficulties
  • You rely on others for money to get out of financial situations caused by gambling.